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"Fame doesn’t me much to me… but I love being able to treat my family."

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“You’re still trying to protect me. Real or not real,” he whispers.
"Real," I answer. "Because that’s what you and I do, protect each other.” 

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peeta checking on katniss

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I wonder if anybody’s actually had feelings for me, like actually got upset or mad over little things I did and got jealous and confused over me and thought about me on a regular basis. I feel like I’m the only person that ever really cares about anyone and that nobody’s ever felt that way for me.

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I don’t understand why they didn’t put this in the movie, everyone need a dancing Sam Claflin in their life.


Catching Fire - Katniss : best Fanart ever.
Respectively by Kr!s, Anna Dittmann and John Aslarona.